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Le droit international à l’aune du cosmopolitisme

Herman Blaise Ngameni

The world is far from having achieved the perpetual peace whose « project » was elaborated by Immanuel
Kant. However, by defining legal cosmopolitanism, Kant opened the way to a reflection that allowed for major
changes in international law in a direction that is rather favorable to the preservation of the interests of all
humanity. Over the decades, we have seen the emergence of the prism of a world state embodied by the United Nations Organization, whose primary mission is to ensure the maintenance of international peace in order to put an end to the Hobbesian reality of the war of all against all in an embryonic international society. Moreover, the promotion of a Kantian international law is made possible by the dedication of judges who manage to disseminate the fundamental values of the international community thanks to interjurisdictional dialogue, which can contribute to giving more legitimacy to an international law based on cosmopolitanism.